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Ben McMillan
Founder & Principal

Ben is the founder and Principal of IDG Architects Inc. With four decades of extensive background in educational, governmental, commercial and worship facilities, he has been contributing to the design and architecture of Houston. Ben has built his firm’s culture and team while exceeding his clients’ expectations. Ben is not only viewed as a boss by his IDG team but rather as a leader — leading his team to success!

"My philosophy is 'whatever it takes, we're going to get it done and get it done right'.”
DeQuales Thompson
DeQualés Thompson AIA, NOMA, EDAC
Associate Managing Principal – Dallas Office

DeQualés Thompson is the Director of Research and Development at IDG Architects. His expertise ranges from research and project management to graphic design. He’s worked on construction projects for a variety of institutions, such as healthcare, educational, commercial, civic, and residential buildings. He led the IDG team on the Africa School Competition in Benga, Malawi, which won 1st prize among 500 contestants from around the world.

"I believe in architecture's ability to support, connect, and inspire people."
Aaron Gunn
Aaron Gunn
Associate Managing Principal – Illinois Office

Aaron is an Associate Managing Principal in the IDG Architects office in Peoria, Illinois. With his background in educational, governmental, commercial and worship facilities, he has been contributing to the design and architecture of Peoria.

“Building communities in Peoria is a tremendous opportunity to make a difference that I could not have imagined before working with IDG Architects."
Anas Sada, AIA
Senior Project Architect

Anas is a Senior Project Architect with over a decade of hands-on experience. His core expertise lies in the realm of educational and commercial construction projects, with a particular dedication to K-12 facilities.

He is driven by the mission of creating sustainable learning environments that not only cater to educational needs but also enhance the well-being of both students and staff.

His skill set spans the entire spectrum of architectural work, from conceptual design to detailed construction drawings and thorough construction administration.

“A crucial part of a project’s success is understanding the client’s needs and goals on a human level. I’m proud to be a part of improving educational institutions for the next generation.”
Janet Palmer
Dr. Janet Palmer
Educational Consultant & Coach

Dr. Palmer serves as a consultant for IDG Architects Inc. Janet brings decades of academic experience to our school projects. Her insight into how a school operates on a day-to-day basis helps inform design decisions. She is also a leadership coach and an invaluable consultant regarding work culture and inclusion.

“I’m committed to helping organizations, leadership teams and individuals to examine and improve their workplace culture, which fosters success for everyone.”
Hussein Mbarak
Hussein Mbarak, Assoc. AIA, NOMA, LEED GA
Job Captain/Senior Designer

Hussein Mbarak is an experienced Architectural Designer at IDG Architects. Hussein started out as an intern at IDG, and now uses his expertise to lead teams to success. Hussein is an LEED Green Associate.

“I value hard work, team commitment and attention to detail. Each day I bring my natural drive to produce the highest quality work to every project."
Calvin Deese
Calvin Deese
Project Manager

Calvin Deese brings his many years of experience to IDG. He is responsible for project budgets, in-house design reviews for project constructability and coordinates inspections of all construction projects at IDG.

“Being a member of such a talented team is constantly inspiring.”
Peggy Nordmann
Peggy Nordmann, Assoc. AIA
QAQC Director

Peggy is the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Director at IDG Architects. She is an experienced project coordinator with a demonstrated history of helping projects to succeed in the architecture and planning industry. Her years of experience and her dedication to excellence make her an invaluable part of the IDG team.

“Understanding the role of project management allows me to be sure each part of the process meets our standards for excellence.”
Ismael Kabre
Ismael Kabre, Assoc. AIA, NOMA
Architectural Designer

Ismael Kabre is an experienced Architectural Designer at IDG Architects. He has strong skills in arts and design, as well as in teamwork and management, which he demonstrates in working with consultants and engineers.

“Architecture is my art, my work and my tools."
Kamerain Smith
Kamerain Smith, Assoc. AIA
Architectural Designer

Kamerain Smith is a graduate from PrairieView A&M University, she blends esthetics, functionality, and sustainability in her projects. Her passion for architecture shines through her work at IDG+Architects, where she contributes innovative ideas and pushes design boundaries. With her talent and commitment, she is set to become a Designer I in August, leaving a lasting impact on the built environment.

"I am inspired to be part of a team whose innovative design aligns with my own aspirations. I’m surrounded by talented professionals who inspire me to create meaningful and impactful spaces for our clients."
Ruben Cheeks
Reuben Cheeks, Assoc. AIA, NOMA, WELL AP
Architectural Designer

Reuben Cheeks is a Prairie View A&M University graduate with a Master's in Architecture (Dec 2020). He excels in design, planning, and physical model-making, dedicated to innovative architecture. In Boston (2020-2022), he contributed to the National Organization of Minority Architects and was an Outreach Co-Chair for Project Pipeline. Reuben also holds a WELL Accredited Professional License since April 2023 & plans to learn more through working and being of service to the community & built environment.

“Through my experiences I want to help reshape the way we think and feel about architecture. People who live, work, and play in our spaces are the ones we design for.”
Kamerain Smith
Destiny Ozuna
Architectural Intern

Embarking on her journey as an architecture intern,
Destiny has since been diligently broadening her
expertise within the field while actively enhancing
her design capabilities through various projects at
IDG+. Concurrently, she is finishing her bachelor's
degree at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her
ongoing aspirations revolve around achieving
excellence in addressing architectural challenges
and further refining her skills.

"Every project is a canvas, and with dedication and
intent, we can craft a meaningful masterpiece in
Julius McMillan
Julius McMillan
Construction Administrator

Julius McMillan is a construction field administrator at IDG Architects.

“I’m grateful to be working with such a great team of designers, leaders and mentors at the start of my career.”
Ben McMillan
DeQuales Thompson
Aaron Gunn
Anas Sada, AIA
Janet Palmer
Hussein Mbarak
Calvin Deese
Peggy Nordmann
Ismael Kabre
Kamerain Smith
Ruben Cheeks
Kamerain Smith
 Julius McMillan
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Expect More Than Great Architecture

The cornerstone of our business philosophy is unparalleled customer service. IDG+ Architects has experience in many of today's dynamic sectors, including education government housing worship facilities, and commercial.

Above all, our team prides itself on being a step above the rest.

By creating sustainable, efficient buildings and practicing green architecture, through using buildings as teaching tools, creative learning spaces, visual transparency and collaborative use of technology, IDG+ is designing for the 21st century.

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