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Our Cultural designs are based on honor and respect.

The IDG+ Team approaches each project with the respect and sensitivity required to thoughtfully craft spaces of honor. Relationships to light and nature along with moments of reflection are communicated through the legacy of the client(s). We consider cultural spaces to represent the height of a society's values expressed through architecture, and we recognize our significant responsibility to fulfill those values through our work.

Above & Beyond Church

Located in Spring, TX. This new church was designed to be constructed in phases. The 50,000 square foot facility's interior holds a sanctuary, children's area, an area for teenagers, a cafe, bookstore, and administrative offices. On the facility's exterior grounds there is an outdoor baptismal and prayer garden.

$6,000,000 - 7 acre site.

Trinity Mountain Chapel
Rwanda, Africa

Trinity Mountain Chapel is a space oriented by celestial, terrestrial and introspective influences to facilitate religious worship.

The concept of this arrangement finds its origin in the physical representation of the divine functions of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The theoretical intent of this concept seeks to align the functions of the building program with the functions of The Trinity.

These functions will create a spatial engagement with the divine as well as a path to salvation. In theory, the environment will be an ever-present gesture towards the human relationship with God. The architectural intent of this concept is to create three distinct experiences within the narrative of the user’s perspective.

Each experience reinforces the ritual, practice or worship to be performed within. The resulting sequence is a process toward deliverance, transforming spiritual chaos into divine order.

9,317 sq ft

Trinity Mountain Chapel Rwanda, Africa

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