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Civic Revitalization is Community by Design

The IDG team is committed to its duty to the public through the projects we engage with and the manner in which we execute them. We endeavor to design and build secure, efficient, and sustainable communities that reflect and respect every member of society.

City of Houston Fire Station #94

City of Houston Fire Station #94 Station

Located in the community of Clearlake, Texas. This 26,000 square foot facility houses 2 bays for Fire and EMS vehicles, underground fuel storage and a communication tower. The facility's living quarters include a fitness area. IDG Architects coordinated with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to design and construct the communications tower. The pitch roof design and brick façade were instrumental in achieving a harmony with the surrounding neighborhood. City of Houston - .75 acre site.
City of Houston Fire Station #94
South Post Oak Football Field Government

South Post Oak Football Field

Fort Bend County, southwest of Houston, TX

All spectator and team amenities are organized in an efficient linear arrangement to make the most efficient use of land, the parking lot is aligned to the long edge of the complex to provide maximum access and crowd flow before and after events.

Serving 2 football fields flanking on either side are a ticket booth, restrooms, a concessions building, and team meeting rooms. Covered bleachers allow spectators to be closely located to these amenities.

Fort Bend County - 19,000 S.F. complex - $4,345,674

MacArthur Corridor Revitalization: City of Peoria

MacArthur Corridor Revitalization

The South Village Neighborhood, a pillar of the African American Community in Peoria, Illinois was in need of revitalization. The strategy presented by the city was to use MacArthur Corridor to connect the economic prosperity from the nearby developing warehouse district into the regions and populations that have been historically disenfranchised.

Modern and contemporary design dominated the forms of the example developments, Industrial undertones along the commercial edge to pick up the aesthetic of the warehouse district further south and humble natural materials to enhance the existing natural environment.

The team resolved to create a commercial edge to the South Village neighborhood along the MacArthur Corridor, The city blocks that create this edge hold mixed-used developments that act as a buffer to the inner neighborhood. The young professional district is centrally located to facilitate easy access to the areas of employment and commerce around the neighborhood.

City of Peoria - 243.63 acres

MacArthur Corridor Revitalization: City of Peoria

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