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Channel 25 News Interviews Ben McMillan

Channel 25 News interviewed our CEO, Ben McMillan, to discuss his background and the legacy of IDG+ Architects. He also talks about the impact of working with non-profits and mentoring young people of the communities of Peoria and Central Illinois as a whole.

We enjoy working with non-profits because it gives us the opportunity to collaborate with the community, which has a positive impact on uplifting and inspiring the communities we engage with.

We are focused on getting elementary school students involved in architecture at an early age. By expanding their career aspirations, we try to instill the feeling that being an architect is not impossible, that if you apply yourself then the sky is the limit.”

~ Ben McMillan III

Channel 25 News covers the local news in Peoria and Bloomington-Normal Illinois. Through its “Community Corner” segment, Channel 25 spotlights individuals, companies and organizations that impact and support the local community.

Thank you 25News WEEK for a great interview.