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New Faces at IDG+

We are proud to introduce
Kamerain Smith, Reuben Cheeks, and Destiny Ozuna to the IDG+ staff.

Kamerain Smith, Assoc. AIA, NOMA
Architectural Designer

Kamerain Smith is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University, she blends aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability in her projects. Her passion for architecture shines through her work at IDG+ Architects, where she contributes innovative ideas and pushes design boundaries.

With her talent and commitment, she is set to become a Designer I in August, leaving a lasting impact on the built environment.

“I am inspired to be part of a team whose innovative design aligns with my own aspirations.”

Reuben Cheeks, Assoc. AIA, NOMA, WELL AP
Architectural Designer

Reuben Cheeks is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University with a Master’s in Architecture (Dec 2020). He excels in design, planning, and physical model-making, dedicated to innovative architecture.

In Boston (2020-2022), he contributed to the National Organization of Minority Architects and was an Outreach Co-Chair for Project Pipeline. Reuben also holds a WELL Accredited Professional License since April 2023 & plans to learn more through working and being of service to the community & built environment.

“Through my experiences I want to help reshape the way we think and feel about architecture. People who live, work, and play in our spaces are the ones we design for.”

Destiny Ozuna, AIAS, NOMAS
Architectural Intern

Embarking on her journey as an architecture intern, Destiny has since been diligently broadening her expertise within the field while actively enhancing her design capabilities through various projects at IDG+ Architects.

While at IDG+ Architects, she is finishing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her ongoing aspirations revolve around achieving excellence in addressing architectural challenges and further refining her skills.

“Every project is a canvas, and with dedication and intent, we can craft a meaningful masterpiece in architecture.”

IDG+ Architects was founded in 2001, as a multi-disciplined, full service architectural firm offering a full-range of architectural services including survey and analysis of existing facilities, programming, planning and interiors.

IDG+ is guided by the principle that conscientious, proper design has an enduring value. IDG+ applies the most creative and advanced technology with equal concern for economy, aesthetics, function and durability to achieve the most effective design solution that satisfies the needs, goals and objectives of the client.

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