Creating toward a better tomorrow

IDG+ Volunteers

In an era defined by rapid urbanization, sustainability challenges, and evolving design paradigms, here at IDG+ Architects we recognize the need to engage with the dynamic energy of young communities. The convergence of experienced professionals with the fresh perspectives of young architects is shaping the future of our architectural practice in remarkable ways.

This collaboration fosters an environment where established architects and designers bring decades of experience, wisdom, and a deep understanding of architectural principles as mentorship while championing the preservation of architectural heritage.

Together we are focusing on a future where buildings are not just functional spaces but also art forms that contribute to the wellbeing of communities and the planet.

Project Pipeline’s Impact

We guide students through all stages of design using provoking and fun exercises. Students investigate through drawing and model building, analyze through diagramming and research, and engage through interviews and site visits. By the program’s conclusion, students present a fully realized project that addresses an issue in their city.

Project Pipeline serves a diverse population of students, all of whom are underrepresented in the design field. The program better prepares students for college and life beyond. Through Project Pipeline, young people grasp the significance of architecture in their daily lives, as well as the broader cultural, social, and historical implications. They develop skills and tools to contribute to their community critically and constructively. Project Pipeline has served more than 10,000 students over the last decade.

NOMA’s local summer camps provide 6th-12th grade students of color with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of architecture and design. Students that participate in the camps work closely with architects and designers to create the designs they would like to see in their communities. Not only do students create designs, but they are also connected with mentors in the architecture field to help guide their interests. For many students, Project Pipeline is their first introduction to the design world.

This program hosted by the Kids + Architecture Committee created a morning workshop of creature designing and nest building.

The students 7-13 years old got a peek inside the design process and toured an artist installation before designing their own creature and nest. A variety of craft supplies and found materials were on hand and students were encouraged to bring recycled materials from home.

This program was a great way to help kids of many backgrounds come together to not only learn about architecture but HIP HOP architecture and how it’s a realm for your culture and blackness. It brings together many perspectives and drives the matter that Black designers should be designing our Black spaces.

This week-long intensive experience is specifically designed to empower underrepresented youth to explore and excel in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and creative placemaking through the lens of hip hop culture.

Our program is based on the “4C’s” – Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking – and brings together students with top industry professionals, including architects, urban planners, designers, community activists, and Hip Hop artists. Together, they work to envision and create innovative designs for their own communities, using a range of mediums including physical models, digital models, and even their own original Hip Hop Architecture track and music video.

The Maroon 9 Vision

The organization is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth and educating the community through free high-quality enrichment programs focused on Fine Arts in addition to STEM and Life Skills.