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State-of-the-Art Technology Informs IDG+ Designs

One of the core principles at IDG+ is progress through innovation and refinement. We constantly research and develop new ways to enhance our services and architecture. As part of our commitment to Building Information Modeling (BIM), we aim to digitize the built environment to improve analytical accuracy and provide new perspectives and insights to our design team and clients. Through this approach, along with others, we strive for comprehensive excellence and unmatched value.

Drone Fleet

Though IDG+ has been utilizing drone technology since 2016, we have upgraded and expanded our drone fleet this year. Drones play a crucial role in our projects because they can provide crucial data. They capture high-resolution aerial imagery, video, and 3D scans of sites before and during construction, giving IDG+ a precise understanding of the site’s characteristics. This data helps us optimize site configuration, assess facilities, and identify potential challenges. With this technology, our team can make more informed design decisions. Additionally, drones enhance safety and efficiency by reducing the need for repeat site visits and minimizing potential risks for personnel, making them invaluable for streamlining processes and executing projects efficiently.

3D Scanner

3D scanning and 360° image capture are valuable tools that assist IDG+ in obtaining accurate and useful data from both interior and exterior environments. These methods can identify details that may not be immediately recognizable through traditional photography. These capabilities enable precise measurements and spatial understanding of existing conditions, leading to effective design interventions. By using these tools, the risk of errors is reduced, and efficiency is increased by minimizing the need for multiple site visits. Furthermore, 360° image capture is useful for effectively communicating conditions to our design team and clients through immersive investigation.