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Edward B. Gaines Fire Station #4
Peoria Honors One of Their Own

IDG+ Architects has been honored to have the opportunity to design the Peoria Fire Station #4, which will be named after Edward B. Gaines Jr, the first Black firefighter in Peoria, Illinois. This fire station is not just a place where firefighters work, but it is also a tribute to the legacy of Mr. Gaines, who was a pioneer in his field and an inspiration to future generations.

The design of the station is both practical and modern. The building is equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that firefighters can respond to emergencies efficiently and effectively. The design incorporates many sustainable features to reduce the building’s environmental impact, including energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems and the use of recycled materials.

In addition to being a functional fire station, the design also pays tribute to the life and legacy of Edward B. Gaines Jr. The building’s exterior features a mural that depicts Mr. Gaines and the history of the Peoria Fire Department. The mural serves as a reminder of the bravery and commitment of the firefighters who serve the community, as well as the important contributions of Mr. Gaines.

Inside the station, there is a dedicated area that honors Mr. Gaines, with photos and other memorabilia that tell the story of his life and accomplishments. This area is a reminder of the important role that Mr. Gaines played in the history of the Peoria Fire Department, and it serves as an inspiration to future generations of firefighters and community members.

You can learn more about Mr. Gaines’ story here.

“It’s particularly exciting when we design a civic project, especially when it honors a local fire station’s historic member.

Our focus on sustainable features reduced the building’s environmental impact, including energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems.

Designing an environment that houses major equipment, while also serving as a home base, was a challenge we enjoyed. The addition of the commemorative portrait of Edward B. Gaines was a meaningful addition.

This project is another example of our commitment to bringing our very best to this community.”

~ Aaron Gunn Associate Managing Principal, Peoria IL

Key Information

Project Name: City of Peoria Fire Station No. 4
Client: City of Peoria
Date of Start: April 2021
Date of Finish: April 2022
Square Foot: 6,300 S.F.
Construction Contract Amount: $2,300,000.00
Total Construction Cost at Project End: $2,300,000.00
Contractor: E Joseph Construction
Contract Type: Competitive Sealed Proposal
Description: Programming, Schematic Design, DD’s
Construction Documents, Bid/Negotiations,
Construction Administration
Client: Jason Meeks (Facilities Maintenance Manager)
IDG+ Team: Ben McMillan III, Anas Sada, Peggy Nordman, Joy Boleigha