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IDG Architects designs a variety of spaces. Education, where IDG found the origins of its work, allows us to explore the instructive and scholastic possibilities of design.


As a department, R+D tasks ourselves with the responsibility of operating as authors and orchestrators of knowledge.


Perpetually questioning, the department exists primarily to challenge the architecture and design industry. With aims of enhancing the built environment and the body of knowledge that supports it, we strive to shift the industry paradigm.


Industry at large is becoming more information-intensive and less labor and capital intensive. This has important implications for designers who are becoming increasingly productive as the value of their labor decreases. We seek to increase the value of design through developing research evidence, then communicate that evidence through the language of design.


The Research and Development process is as follows:


  1. The R+D department searches for questions and identifies problems in IDG processes, products and the performance of products.
  2. Researcher isolate solutions and facts, developing them into research evidence.
  3. IDG then utilizes this evidence to inform our design thus enhancing real world practice.
  4. R+D then packages this research and disseminates it to designers and the general public with the intent of informing and enabling a society that proactively creates our culture and environment as a species.


IDG R+D believes in sharing our findings and educating  the industry as well as the  general public in an open source format. With this approach we can assist in disrupting the current hermetic nature of architectural research, which is a result of industry fears surrounding intellectual property among creators.


Through our design research we seek to codify, clarify, and evolve the perception, creation and evaluation of objects and spaces that evoke an intense feeling among people.


IDG R+D’s mission is to increase the capacity of sublime across the planet. Upcycling human intelligence through the vision of a future state.


As a department we want to understand the environment humans are creating within the context of the organism we’ve inherited - planet earth.


Evidence-Based Design is a process for the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current evidence from research and practice  in making critical decisions.





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