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Ben S. McMillan III, AIA, NCARB, NOMA is the founder and Principal of IDG Architects Inc. With four decades of extensive background in educational, governmental, commercial and worship facilities, he has been contributing to the design and architecture of Houston. Ben has built his firm’s culture, team and exceeded his clients’ expectations around his philosophy, “whatever it takes.” He continues to impact the community and architecture by being heavily involved in numerous professional boards. Ben is not only viewed as a boss by his IDG team but more of a leader…leading his team to success!



Cyrus J. Johnson, Associate AIA, NOMA is Senior Project Manager at IDG Architects. He has 38 years of expertise in architecture/engineering and federal government industry which has help lead the team to executing project deadlines. Cyrus shares his wealth of knowledge and experience as problem solver, team player and most importantly as an inspirational leader. He inspires the IDG team to go after their dreams by advocating “it’s never too late.” Cyrus is a prime example of IDG’s culture and principle, “whatever it takes."



Myriam Castillo, Associate AIA, NOMA is IDG Architects’ Director of Interiors since 2008. She has surpassed IDG’s clients’ expectations by creating collaborative, fun spaces with her experience of eclectic designs. She leads her team and designs with a question on the commencement of every project, “what will inspire you to dream, learn, discover and grow?” Myriam doesn’t only strive to empower her client’s audience to learn but she also empowers her team to go above and beyond when it comes to architecture, design and life.



The essence of IDG is its people. We have assembled an amazing array of talent. We understand how to listen, what questions need to be asked, and what unique elements to look for when creating spaces that have a deep sense of purpose, culture and surrounding. Our people have invested the time to develop and hone their skills and natural design talents in order to help build schools, hospitals, labs, arenas, homes, etc., that enhance the human experience.




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